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The Raise5 Team

Mike Tang

CEO and President

Mike is an engineer with a knack for challenging the status quo. Mike is obsessed with design and creating the perfect user experience - all to help people find and express their passions through Raise5. Mike is driven by the need to innovate, but also by the belief that people’s desire to support social enterprises will only continue to grow.

Shayan Nahrvar

Chief Development Officer

Shayan is an engineer with a passion for business management as well as a technical inclination for programming (PHP/MySQL). He enjoys challenging himself and learning new things, from public speaking to writing. Shayan is addicted to adaptation: He is constantly growing to fill the many roles demanded of an entrepreneur at Raise5.

Hassan Hassan

Biz Dev & Community Management

A social entrepreneur and a digital strategist, Hassan believes in doing well by doing good. He enjoys communicating with stakeholders and incorporating their feedback to help create a viral product. Hassan has always followed new technologies that put the power back in people’s hands. He thinks Raise5 is in a unique position to redefine philanthropy and empower people who want to make a difference!