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Our Values

Our motto is "Have Fun Giving", and it's an idea that we hope will guide you the way that it guides us.

Our team believes that humanity must keep pushing its personal limits of giving.

All over the world, citizens are dedicating themselves to sustainability, education, animal welfare, and many other worthy causes. Sometimes a citizen’s dedication means working within a charity. Other times, dedication means making donations to that charity.

"Do good, have fun and the money will come.”
- Sir Richard Branson
Business Magnate

Our platform introduces a third way to fight for the causes that move you. When combined with traditional giving (charity work as well as donation) this unique approach truly ignites the giving landscape.

Using Raise5, anyone can buy or sell a number of goods and services to generate proceeds for their favourite charities. This puts the power of fundraising conveniently into the lives and hands of any individual, group, or organization that wants it. This isn’t your usual donation, and this isn’t your usual work: it’s Raise5.

A real strength of this system is how it combines fun and giving: This is a place where you can develop skills that matter to you, you can play and explore, or you focus on creating value through trade. You can do all these things while knowing that the money from this process is dedicated to the charities and causes that are changing the world.

So, welcome to the community: Raise5 is where we have fun giving.

"The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention."
- Oscar Wilde, writer