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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Raise5?

Raise5 is a home for a community of freelance fundraisers making a difference through their talents and goods. Our simple platform provides an easy way for supporters to help out their charity by donating goods and services online for anyone to purchase. The proceeds go to the donor’s nonprofit of choice.

Do I have to pay to use Raise5?

No. Raise5 is totally free to use. You can post as many products and services as you’d like.

How do I donate something?

Simply sign in and join our community through Facebook. Then follow our easy step by step process for posting your goods and services. Fill out the form to describe (i) what you’re offering, (ii) how much money you’d like the buyer to donate and (iii) to which charity that donation should go. Once you complete the process, you can tell all your friends on Facebook and Twitter, and of course the Raise5 community will also have a chance to take you up on your offer!

How do I buy something?

Browse the Raise5 marketplace and click on the service or product that appeals to you. Simply click the Buy button and purchase with your Credit Card or Paypal account!

How does the money go to charity?

Raise5 has a system for tracking all purchases and the charity that the money belongs to. We take care of the logistics involved in getting the money to the right charity on a monthly basis.

For Charities

How can my charity join the Raise5 Community?

Raise5 has a simple free charity registration process. All we need is your contact information and basic information about your organization to ensure that it is a registered organization. We then provide your organization with its own free branded ‘storefront’ page, which will display all the goods and services that the community can purchase by donating to your charity.

How much does my charity have to pay to join Raise5?

Absolutely nothing. Our business simply takes a processing fee on every transaction. That way, your organization doesn’t pay a dime until you successfully fundraise.

How does my charity receive the donations that comes through Raise5?

There are two options: We can either collect your donations and forward the net proceeds to you on a monthly basis, or with your own paypal account associated to your storefront page, you can directly receive the net proceeds at the time of the purchase. Either way Raise5 makes the process simple and streamlined.

How will people get to see my charity's ‘Storefront’ Page?

Your storefront page will have a simple URL in the format of You should include this URL in your website and inform your followers about it through facebook, twitter, and email so that they can buy and sell to fundraise for your cause. Raise5 will include you in their charity list as well as displaying the offers on your storefront in our general marketplace!

Is there any limitations on what type of charity can use Raise5?

Not at all. Any registered charity can use Raise5.

Do I have control over the content that shows up my Storefront?

Absolutely. You can monitor your storefront and choose to remove any offers that may not align with your organization and its values.

How much of the proceeds does my charity receive?

Raise5 takes a simple 8% flat fee and give the other 92% to you. There are of course additional Paypal fees associated with the transaction. This additional fee is rather small and the current standard rate for this can be found here.

Does Raise5 help with shipping/delivery of products?

No. We provide an environment where goods and services can be bought and sold to fundraise for charity. We do handle the money, however the delivery of the goods and services must be sorted out by the individuals involved in the transaction.