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Raise5 allows your supporters to browse through the goods and services offered by other users raising money for your nonprofit. They can buy what they need with the knowledge that their money will go towards supporting your nonprofit's work. They can also run their own fundraising campaigns by posting items to our marketplace and choosing to direct the proceeds to your nonprofit.

Easy to use.

Incorporating the Raise5 platform into your nonprofit’s fundraising strategy is quick and easy. Once you sign up, we build and maintain your storefront page for you at no charge. Funds are generated with no staff time spent planning or coordinating events. All you have to do is promote the storefront to your donor base as a new way to support your cause. We’ll take care of the rest.


Your nonprofit’s storefront page is completely free with unlimited usage. Raise5 charges a flat 8% fee for each transaction. This means our success is tied to the success of your fundraising campaign so we work right along with you to help enhance the visibility and reach of your campaign, at no extra cost to you.

Empower, Mobilize, Promote and Grow.

Empower and mobilize your supporters to integrate fundraising into their everyday lives by putting their talents and skills to work raising money for your nonprofit. Your branded Raise5 storefront page provides great exposure opportunities for your cause, fantastic deals for buyers and a new source of funds for your nonprofit.

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