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What We Do

Raise5 is a home for freelance fundraisers making a difference through their passions and talents. Our simple platform provides an easy and relevant way for supporters to give back to nonprofits by donating goods and services online for anyone to purchase. Proceeds benefit the donor’s nonprofit of choice.

How it Works

Like any marketplace, on Raise5 you can provide a service or buy one. Here is how it works:

How to donate a service
1. Create a service (or task) to raise $5-50 for a charity / non-profit.
2. Share it with the world!
3. You will be notified when others buy your service.
4. Deliver your service to the buyer.
5. The proceeds will be donated to the charity / non-profit of your choice.
How to buy a service
1. Browse through the list of services and buy what you need.
2. You can pay with credit cards or PayPal.
3. After payment, you can give detailed instructions to the service donor.
4. Receive your service! Woohoo!
5. The proceeds will be donated to the charity / non-profit as indicated.

Where the Money Goes

Raise5 believes in simplicity and transparency. When a purchase is made on our platform, Raise5 takes a 8% fee and redirects all else to the non-profit.

Our Beliefs

Raise5 believes that business should incorporate human values into its day to day operations and strive to make social progress along with its own financial success. We believe that money is not the sole measure of success, but rather a fuel that sustains a business and drives real change. We believe in the importance of having pride in the impact of your work. We believe in the importance of living by your beliefs.