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Best Bilt Modular Helmet Buying Guide & Reviews of 2020

We all look for two primary features of a helmet; protection and comfort. When some focus more on protection, others do on style and comfort. If you are looking for super-protection, style, and comfort, Modular helmets are the best choice. The following guide will help you to choose the top notched modular helmets.

Things To Notice While Choosing Modular Helmet

Nowadays, modular helmets come with built-in technology. In addition to focusing on the protection alone, these new models like Bilt modular helmets are equipped with more specifications. So, check these things out to get the best one.

Bluetooth Technology

Having communication with your co-riders and getting the GPS instruction to become more convenient with an in-built Bluetooth technology. You have to check the compatibility of the speaker and mic and make sure the Bluetooth button is easily accessible. At the same time, it’s not easy to measure the battery capacity since you may use the Bluetooth for different purposes. Bilt modular Bluetooth helmet is a perfect choice.

The Functioning of Chin Bar

The comfortable flip-up chin bar is another best part of the modular helmets, and that act as a full-face helmet too. The mechanism of the hinge should be straightforward so that you don’t need to take the helmet out to flip up the chin. An openable chin bar will provide enough ventilation whenever you want.

Shell Material

Never compromise on protection for comfort and the material used to make the helmet can determine your security. The best choice is a polycarbonate shell since it is strong and tough.


The perfect size for you is always there, but you have to make sure the size is suitable for you from every part whether it be chin, ears or back of the head. So, you have to know the length around your hair. Therefore, you have to check the size chart and select the perfect size.

Internal Visor

Every helmet has a regular visor, but modular helmets consist of an internal drop-down sun visor. The modular helmet visor will protect your eyes from the sun’s rays on an open road. Also, this is an addition to the standard shield.

Retention System

The retention system sometimes leads you to irritation because of the straps or lock. A quick-release clear lock will solve it so that you can quickly tighten or loosen it.

Air Ventilation

The internal part should be very comfortable for the head, and to have that it should have maximum ventilation. It gives your head much cooling. The ventilation holes on the chin also add comfort.

Interior System

An excellent modular helmet’s internal parts meant to be removable, washable, adjustable, and replaceable. Choose one with all these features.


The style always has scope while you’re riding. Choose your favorite color among white, black, silver Bilt modular helmets, and many more.


According to the additional features and advanced technology, the price of the modular helmet may increase. However, you will get the basic one for $150, and it can go more than $300.


Helmets are numerous in the market with a variety of features, and those can be of good or poor quality. You should not regret buying the wrong one, and this guide is to lead you to the better one. Also, check out our top 10 list of Bilt Modular Helmets mentioned above to make things easier.