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Best Boat Trailer Guides Rollers Buying Guide & Reviews of 2020

Boating is an exciting experience in itself. However, being a boat owner you know well that getting the boat from a solid surface to the shore is a tough nut to crack. In many cases, if the boat is not too big, people do rope the same on the roof of the car, but to transport it from one place to another, boat trailer rollers play the prerequisite.

Alike rollers, boat trailer guides are also very crucial in supporting boat while transporting. You have to install them on both right and left ends of the trailer and they support your boat by keeping it straight and balanced on the trailer even in the scenario when you tug the boat with your car or it is parked on the beach, but the wind is harsh on it.

There are many convenient loader trailer rollers available online as well as at retail stores with a varied set of price and usage. The rubber boat trailer rollers, for instance, make the launching easier but requires more maintenance than a bunk trailer. There are many other rollers as well with some specific features to shout about.

To get started, it is important to gather all the information about your boat, including the weight and its measurements. Take care of the following factors before you head out with boat trailer guides and rollers

How to choose the best  Boat Trailer Guide Kit?

a) Buy All the Equipments Together

This is more crucial while you buy guides. There will be kits in the market including boat trailer guide poles and support parts. The essential parts are guide poles, boat trailer U-bolts, cap adapter, galvanized hat bracket in different sizes, 2 U-bots. If you buy separately, it will cost you more. At the same time, you will get a boat trailer guide mounting kit at less than $25.

b) Length of the Guide Pole

The height of the guide pole should not be very short or very tall. The maximum you can get it 65-70 inches PVC pipe. At the same time, the metal inside should also be at least 50 inches for the desired stability of the guide.

c) Visuality

The pole is better to be pure white since it is easily visible to others. Besides, the guide with LED is a must choose because the LED on the top of the pole will help you giving signals of your boat in the night. The most used LED is red.

d) Customizable

This is vital while mounting the guide. The customization in the equipment will make things more convenient, and you can adjust the height and gap between the boat and guide pole accordingly.

How to choose the best  Boat Trailer Roller?

1.Roller Shafts

If you are planning to boat in the salty water, opt for the stainless-steel roller shafts as they are very much compatible with salty water. So, when you browse different types of boat trailer rollers, keep an eye to consider stainless steel bolt for your boat trailer rollers.

2.More Rollers, Better the Trailer

If your trailer has more rollers, it can provide better support to the weight capacity of the boat. So, do not overthink if the trailer has too many rollers. That’s better!

3.Be Specific with the Weight of the Boat

The trailer, which has a proper rating in terms of weight capacity, is always considered a better choice. From 3-inch boat trailer rollers to 17” boat trailer rollers, it is highly advised to be sure about the weight and height of the same. If the trailer has a proper capacity rating, it can handle the weight of the entire boat along with the full tank fuel, water tanks, and another 500 pounds of gears. Knowing the weight of your boat is important in choosing the correct boat trailer guide too.

4.Choosing the Type of Rollers

However, Polyurethane boat trailer rollers are more expensive than rubber boat trailer rollers or nylon boat trailer rollers, but in terms of reliability, the former wins the race. Theses rollers do not compress or flatten with time.

5.Protection of the frame

Please note that if the water is salty or brackish, you need to protect the frame from corrosion. In such a case, it is recommended to buy aluminum boat trailer rollers or galvanized steel trailer, which will protect the frame for a longer time.

Final Words

Keeping track of the mentioned factors will help you choose the best trailer guides and rollers suitable for your needs in no time. Be cautious with your choice and remember that when your boat isn’t enjoying the water, it will be spending most of the time on the wagon! So, it is essential to choose the correct boat trailer roller to protect your boat from rust and corrosion. Check out the top ten Boat Trailer Guides and Roller list mentioned above and make a hassle-free choice.