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Best Insulated Growlers Buying Guide & Reviews of 2019

An insulated growler is a must-have item to keep your beer and other drinks fresh and cold. The wall inside a growler maintains the temperature of the liquid for several hours. So, keeping one or more will help you to serve your drink fresh (hot or cold) no matter if you are hiking or camping.

Now let us understand what you need to know before buying an insulated growler.


Basically, we can divide insulated growlers into two categories based on size; small and big.

Big Insulated Growlers: The most used one and the size is around 64 Oz.

Small Insulated Growlers: Also known as howler since it is half of a growler. The size is 32 Oz.

Besides, growlers can be categorized based on the design as well. Keep reading to find it out.


The material inside can determine the quality of a growler, and the most common one is steel. A stainless steel insulated growler is the perfect material for durability, to prevent rusting, and to keep the temperature intact for the longest time. None of the other products can beat its quality. Also, a double insulated growler is more functional.

Lid Type

Lid generally come in three types: Flip-top, screw top, and cork. The most used lid is flip-top, and it’s better to be a foam insulated one. Even some have highly satisfying air pop when you open the growler. The lid tether also deserves mention because it should be flexible and prevent wear and tear.


Its handle should be a high duty one, firm, and have enough grip to pour the beverage. Don’t choose a handle that is too inconvenient to hold even if it is beautifully designed.

Functioning Time

Since keeping your drink fresh is the primary purpose of an insulated growler, you have to check how long it can maintain the temperature. Most of the brands offer capacity for keeping the beverage cold for at least 24 hours, whereas for hot, around12 hours. Some may even go beyond that but 24 hours is a pretty good length.


Size is one of the aspects people look at, and the perfect one you can choose is 64oz insulated growler. You can go for a bigger or smaller size according to your wish.


Even though the style of the bottle is significant, quality and convenience should be the priority. Some brands create them in classy designs with premium quality.


An insulated growler never faces a sudden death since it is not going to be broken by falling down. Instead, functionality decreases gradually. So, when you pick one, it should be well-made and high in quality, and a stainless steel vacuum insulated growler comparably lasts longer.


If you believe this stuff is only to keep beer, that’s wrong. You can keep other beverages as well, whether it be cold or hot. If you are looking exclusively for a beer insulated growler, you can go with it, or else pick one that is suitable for everything. Also, you have to check if it is dishwasher safe. Sometimes, a little beverage is left in the bottle while you finish your drink, so you have to clean it properly, and the dishwasher should not spoil the quality of the growler.


It’s an essential item while camping, and the portability becomes vital in many contexts. So, check if you can carry it along. An insulated growler bag is a better option as it comes with straps to carry.


It’s not just a simple water bottle, and you won’t get it at a meager price. It comes with several features, and the amount you spend will be worth it. Even though there are items that cost more than 100 bucks, you can get insulated growlers with the same quality for less than $50. Besides, check for the guarantee if the item is not functioning as the brand claims.


A perfect insulated growler is a wonderful appliance you can have while camping and even in parties. This guide will lead you to choose the perfect one. Also, check the list of top 10 insulated growlers and pick your favorite.