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Best Pulltaps Corkscrew Buying Guide & Reviews of 2020

As much as it is relaxing to have a sip of wine on a fine evening, it is equally annoying to get rid of the cork. Well, with the help of Pulltap corkscrews, the task does not seem so difficult anymore. While corkscrews come with the sole purpose of popping the cork, you need to have the right corkscrew to do it elegantly. We have brought together a list of things that you need to be wary of before you buy the right Pulltap corkscrew


Twisted Corkscrew

It comes with a concave disc that allows the cork to slide out of the bottle once it is popped up by the screw. They require your strength to remove the cork and hence, are not apt if you want to open a large volume of wine bottles.

Waiter’s Corkscrew

The oldest yet the simplest form of corkscrews available. They come with a double hinge that allows the cork to be lifted easily once the screw is inserted. Most models feature bottle cap openers and foil cutter blades.

Wings Corkscrew

This double lever corkscrew removes corks of all sizes with relative ease. However, you need to be careful while opening brittle corks as they tend to shred cords because of its strong grip.

Mounted Corkscrew

These corkscrews can be mounted to walls, tables, or counters to offer more stability while removing the cork. As the corkscrews are well-supported, you can open the corks with minimal effort. Ideal for removing corks in large volumes such as banquets where you can simply fix it on the table and use it with ease.

Electric Corkscrew

All you have to do is push the button and watch the corkscrew spin around the cork to remove it. Preferred by elderly people or people suffering from arthritis. They operate on batteries that ought to be replaced once they are dead.

Lever Corkscrew

Lever Corkscrew with a handle that holds the bottle in place. The screw is inserted in the cork and removed by means of squeezing action. The lever corkscrews are classy and ideal for beginners.

Following Are the Key Aspects You Must Bring Into Consideration before the purchase.


The genuine pulltaps corkscrews are made from sturdy and lightweight materials. While steel remains the most preferred material, metals like 440C stainless steel and tempered low carbon steel are also employed in their manufacture. The handle is made from lightweight materials such as woods, bone, or plastic that can offer a good grip.


While twisted and waiter’s corkscrews are small in size and fit in your pocket, mounted and electric corkscrews are big and have to be fixed to a place.

Cork Type

Natural and Synthetic corks are used to seal wine bottles. Natural corks are very brittle and promote the fine aging of wine. You will have to apply less force to open them; otherwise, they tend to crumble. Synthetic corks are sturdy, and more force is required to get rid of the cork.


Pulltap corkscrews host a long list of innovative designs, and pulltaps corkscrew colors are sure to grip the eyes of your peers. If you are a professional waiter, then you need to have an elegant corkscrew to complete your look. The design of custom pulltaps corkscrew can be personalized as per your requirements.


The cost of Pulltap corkscrews ranges from $8 to $30.


Corkscrews are must-have pieces of equipment in your arsenal if you are a wine enthusiast or a professional waiter. If you are still confused about buying the right pulltap corkscrew, then you can make your work simpler by checking out the list of top ten pulltap corkscrews of the year.