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Best Renetto Chair Buying Guide & Reviews of 2020

Sitting on a canopy chair is a very pleasing way of enjoying your leisure. It can be in your backyard, beach, camping locations, playgrounds, and so on. In short, if we have a canopy chair, we can carry it to other places as well. Since each site demands shade chairs with particular specifications, purchasing one becomes a bit difficult. This precise 3-minutes read will give you the essential tips to find the best canopy chair.

Types of Canopy Chairs

There are different types of canopy chairs, and some can be used in different places, and some are exclusive. Here, we are not covering all the types but will look into two major types, and find out things you need to look at before buying one

Lower Style Chair: The seating in this is very low and enables you to enjoy the soft touch of sand and tide. Its recline can also be adjusted as per your varied needs and comfort.

Higher-Style Chair: Especially for those who don’t want to go much lower toward the ground. You can sit on a higher-style chair as if you sit in a typical chair.

Things To Note While Buying A Canopy Chair

Recline Options

You are not going to sit in the same position all the time. Sometimes you feel like lying down instead of sitting. You will have a better experience if the canopy chair comes with a recline option, especially if you’re on a beach. The three-level recline options will be the most efficient one.


Stretching your legs and relaxing will be much more convenient if the canopy chair has a footrest. For some, the footrest is detachable, and you can remove it if you want to touch the ground. Original Renetto beach chair brings both these recline as well as footrest options. It’s not a convention to have both these features if you aim to use it on playgrounds since you need a study sitting to watch the game.

Umbrella or Canopy

It’s not a good idea to buy a chair without a canopy umbrella, and it will later demand you to purchase one external canopy. Why do you waste your money in such a way if you have detachable shade? The primary purpose of a canopy is to prevent dangerous UV rays, and it should be capable of that. Also, make sure it will cover you while you’re sitting on the chair.


A canopy chair is not meant for keeping at a permanent place, you can take it wherever you want. Very convenient portability is a must-have. A chair made of lightweight steel is a perfect option, and the foldability adds its easiness.

Broad Seat and Backrest

The seat should be capable enough to accommodate you. We have to read the size along with this as well. So, based on your weight, you have to choose the capacity of the chair.

Bottle Holder

Bottle whether it be a beverage or normal water, it’s essential that you spend time outside. So, a bottle holder makes things very accessible.


The additional specifications and quality bring a variation in pricing, yet you can get durable canopy chairs in between $45 to $80. Comparably Renetto chairs are more affordable, and the company maintains high quality.


If you are going to spend your best time on a beach or nearby pool, you should spend it in all its pleasure. A comfortable relaxing at such a time is bliss, and you can make it into reality with a Renetto canopy chair. However, choosing one is difficult; therefore, our top 10 Renetto chairs listed above will make things easier for you. Good luck!