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Best Running Shoes Buying Guide & Reviews of 2019

A healthy mind needs a healthy body! Thanks to social media, people nowadays are highly concerned about their health, keeping in mind the repercussions of neglecting it. Running is often the most chosen exercise across the world considering its humongous health benefits. A right time slot and a pair of running shoes are all you need to embark on your running.

Now, it's time to stop harping on the same old shoes and switch to the best versions available in the market. With the availability of a wide range of running shoes for men and women, it is tough to choose the best one to fit your needs. To ease up the trouble, we have come up with all the categories of running shoes available with their unique features and how to pick the right one for you.

Running Shoes and Their Significance

Any physical activity is prone to irrefutable injuries and running is not an exception. The proper usage of running shoes often doubles the merits of running and are proven to improve your overall performance. One of the salient features of a running shoe is its midsole cushioning. As the name indicates, the midsole is the area between the ball and heel of your foot.

Even the lightest running shoes are provided with this cushioning to reduce the stress that accumulates on your toes and ankles. Perfect cushioning can also soothe your back and hip pain. An avid runner with flat feet usually faces problems without a perfect pair of running shoes. The running shoes for flat feet comes with arch support for your assistance while exercising.

Running Shoes Are Categorized As Follows:

Road Running Shoes: These type of shoes are designed exclusively for pavements with some irregularities. Their unique feature is that it stabilizes your feet when you run on hard surfaces. While there are plenty of best brands available to purchase running shoes online, Adidas running shoes for women and Nike running shoes for men are top selling on Amazon for affordable prices at $49 and $50.

Trail Running Shoes: An obstacle-filled road is a bane even to pass,  yet sometimes it is inevitable. Trail running shoes are specially designed to provide comfort in a muddy or a rocky road. They are fortified with a solid tread to secure your underfoot and to offer stability. Trail running shoes are generally the ones chosen by hikers. Adidas trail running shoes for men and women are one of a kind with optimum quality and comfort verified by Amazon and are available for $47.

Cross Training Shoes: As the name suggests, cross-training shoes are used by people who do intense training or workouts or by even those who hit the gym regularly. Cross training is chosen by people who get accustomed to monotonous running sessions and want to enhance their limits. A highly reliable cross training shoe is imperative to reach your levels. Many brands are cropping up with latest cross-training shoes. Choose the best one according to your requirements.

What Makes Running Shoes Purchase-Worthy

Supreme Quality Built Material: If a leather shoe is the most durable one, a synthetic leather extracted from nylon is even more robust and dependable. It is light-weighted and also breathable, allowing you to exercise with utmost comfort. It can withstand repetitive washes and dries out swiftly.

Waterproof Uppers: The more you run, the more sweat tries to penetrate the shoe. A layer that blocks the moisture from entering inside is a must-have for every shoe. All the running shoes have this membrane attached to its inner lining, which makes them imperishable.

How The Wear Patterns Determine Your Run

After a few weeks of usage, your wear pattern is evident. Such a pattern can be examined by just flipping over your shoes. An insight into different wear patterns is a must to know.

Neutral Pronation: The transfer of weight throughout the foot by a biomechanical process of displacing energy is known as pronation. If the bottom of your shoe displays a wear pattern at the middle of your heel and also at the centre of the balls of your feet that indicates a basic foot pattern. It is often called neutral pronation. Normal pronation helps to relieve stress on your knees and joints.

Over-Pronation: If the bottom of your shoe shows a wear pattern on the inside edge of the shoe, you are an overpronator. Overpronators have a high risk of developing acute knee pains and experts suggest them to use motion control shoes as they have a stiffer heel.

Under-Pronation: Also known as Supination, the wear pattern, in this case, is along the lateral edges of the shoe. It is a rare phenomenon yet hazardous. It can lead to bone and joint pains if you are devoid of proper care. It is recommended to use well cushioned and flexible shoes to prevent such ailments.

Minimalist Running/No Pronation: It is popularly known as barefoot running, which is a traditional way of exercising where the mid or forefoot tends to hit the ground first. Though the world has moved to a contemporary style of running, minimalist running is being practised in parts of Africa and America even today. Minimalist running shoes are manufactured to emulate the effects of barefoot running. These shoes are well known for their features like thin sole, lesser cushioning and broader toe box.

Classification of Running Shoes

Neutral Shoes: A running shoe is said to be neutral if the midsole lacks a medial wedge. These shoes work best for under-pronators. They come with a little cushioning, shock absorbing capability and arch support.

Stability Running Shoes: This variant is the complete contrasting one to neutral shoes, which means these shoes consist of dense foam in the midsole to negate the effects of overpronation.

Motion Control Shoes: They are specially designed to curb the foot motions to limit the risk of injury. Overpronators mainly use these shoes as they often end up with leg or foot pain after running. The best motion control shoe provides optimum medial support that reduces inward rolling. For overpronators who are flat-footed, these shoes are a must-have.

Materials Used In OutSole and MidSole Of a Running Shoe

The bottom of the shoe is the outer sole. While running on various surfaces, you often face hassles leading to injuries. The outer sole provides you with the required grip. A good midsole usually lasts for 500kms.

There are two materials used for making the outer sole.

1) Carbon Rubber: It is the most resistant and durable material(also used in manufacturing tires) that gives enough stiffness to the sole.

2) Blown Rubber: A somewhat lighter and flexible material than carbon rubber but it is less durable when compared to it.

The midsole is the major part of running shoes. It acts as a stability layer between the outsole and upper sole. It is made up of three materials.

1) Ethylene Vinyl Acetate: It is the material, typically a foam, used for cushioning midsole. Multiple layers of EVA can be inserted to achieve a particular pattern.

2) Shanks: They are mainly used in the midsole to boost the firmness of running shoes mostly while travelling on terrains or rough surfaces.

3) Plates: When your shoe comes in contact with thorns or rocks, it should be capable of refraining from any hurt. Plates, a flexible and thin material made of nylon hardens the forefoot of the shoe protecting the bottom of your foot.

Tips for Choosing The Right Pair of Shoes

Size Matters: For safe and enjoyable running, a perfect size shoe is essential. Ensure that you have your appropriate foot size with you before purchasing. Give enough room in the shoe for your foot to move without rubbing.

A Good Heel Fit Is Mandatory: To avoid any irritation while running, a running shoe should fit you but should not be too tight. After your shoes are laced, slipping your foot out of the shoe should be done without much difficulty.

Factors of Consideration: Certain factors are needed to be taken into consideration before buying your running shoes. Your body weight and your foot type play a vital role while your training goals, surfaces, personal preferences and reason for your purchase are also pivotal. Every shoe type is different and serves different purposes. Never purchase shoes just because they look fancy. Have a clear idea of your requirements. It is advised to take suggestions from a branded shoe store professional on selecting your type of shoes.

Avoid Purchasing a Newly Launched Pair: You cannot be sure of comfort unless you try it. Before getting into conclusions, try out different shoes which have the best reviews online and then give it a shot.

With all the necessary insights into running shoes, it should be easy for you now to differentiate and know your right fit. Many branded running shoes are available online for men, women and even kids making it very easy to pick your pair within no time. Come hell or high water; perfect running shoes can withstand any hurdles. Knowing your type of running and a meticulous search is all that is needed.