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Best Swimming Kickboards Buying Guide & Reviews of 2019

For novice swimmers, a kickboard serves as an effective tool to get trained up. Even for advanced workouts, they prove quite handy. When you look out for swimming kickboard sets, you should be able to choose the right accessories. Since kickboards come with a wide range of features, it is essential for you to choose the right products, that can suit your needs. Here, you will come across a comprehensive guide, that will help you choose the right kickboard, depending on your varied necessities.

Traditional Kickboards for Adults

This is one of the most commonly used variants of these kickboards. You will come across these in most of the swimming pools. The frontal side is a little rounded, and the board comes in a rectangular shape. The bottom of the kickboard is concave. The reputed manufacturers develop sturdy and rigid adult swimming kickboard. Besides, these swimming accessories offer good buoyancy and thickness. But after the prolonged use, they may cause pain in shoulders because the arms’ position in these boards is relatively high. They are affordable and work well for adults, regardless of their swimming skills.

Streamlined and Ergonomic Kickboards

These kickboards are designed in such a way, that the swimmers do not suffer from shoulder pain, as stated above. From the functional aspect, they are similar to the traditional ones. However, the material used to make these kickboards is mainly foam, which makes it very light. You may also buy swimming kickboard latex, which is lighter in weight, and therefore, strains the shoulders to a lesser extent. They are also not too buoyant, and these kickboards come in a triangular shape. As a result, when you swim, the resistance level of water is low. Besides, they come with handles at times, although their price is a little higher. If you are willing to buy a swimming kickboard with handles, you can buy these products. Particularly, they assist in head-down kicking and are ideal for advanced swimmers.

Kickboards for Children

The efficiency of kickboards depends on the size to a significant extent. Particularly, for children, the size of kickboards really matters. The reputed manufacturers have come up with some specialized kickboards for children. The swimming kickboards for kids are light-weight, smaller, and easy to hold. You can buy kickboards for kids, that come in bright colors. These accessories feature some outstanding graphic work so that swimming turns out to be more fun for them.

Kickboard-Pull Buoy Combo Kickboards

In this type of combo kickboard, a single equipment performs the tasks of a pull-buoy and a kickboard. It is also referred to as a pull-kick. As a result, both the lower and upper body muscles can be trained with a single swim gear piece. One of the best advantages of using this kind of accessories is that they occupy very little space. You may also lookout for a mini swimming kickboard, which occupies lesser space in your kit.

Pull-kicks come in a particular design. The shape is similar to a kickboard, and the handles help in enhancing the grip. A channel is present in the middle portion of all sides. This enables the swimmers to get a good hold with their legs. In the process, they can train up the upper body muscles and stroke properly.

Apart from the types of kickboards mentioned above, you need to consider the following aspects, when you make the purchase.


The design has a direct impact on the ease of use of these accessories and comfort level. Choose a design offering a firm grip. At the same time, the swimmer should be able to maintain a comfortable position. You can also look out for different kickboard materials. You can go for a plastic swimming kickboard, foam, or latex kickboard. Ensure that your swimming potential is maximized. The swimmer can cut through the water seamlessly when they have sleek kickboards at their disposal.


The manufacturers have come up with different sizes of kickboards and that cater to the needs of both; beginners and pro-swimmers. For advanced swimmers, the smaller ones serve the best. The floatation support in these kickboards is less, and simultaneously, they help in promoting the kicks. The floating support is not an essential criterion for advanced swimmers. Therefore, you need to consider the swimming kickboard purpose when you buy these accessories. For beginners, the bigger kickboards are ideal, as they can get a lot of support.


Depending on your skills and support you need, you should customize the swimming kickboards. Different varieties of these accessories are available so that you can easily get the right design and size customized. Moreover, choosing the right kickboard can significantly assist in developing your swimming skills. Go through the above-mentioned list of top ten swimming kickboards created for your ease.