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Best Toddler Bath Mats Buying Guide & Reviews of 2020

Bath time is probably the favorite time for your baby. Splashes of water, refreshing fragrances of bath products, and gentle foam of soap make it all the more enjoyable for you and your baby. However, this is the time when babies are most prone to slipping, which may cause injuries. As a responsible and loving parent, you definitely want to keep your child safe all times and babyproof the bathing area where the little one is most vulnerable to slip and slide. To keep your darling out of any harm, baby bathmats are your true companion. Bathmats and rugs are the best way to prevent any disaster and have fun-filled bath time.

Why Buy A Bathmat For Your Baby?

While you think your home is the safest place in the whole world, bathrooms can be very dangerous. It is commonplace for accidents that occur due to falling in the shower or tubs. Therefore, a good non-slip bathmat is of utmost importance as your toddler grows and starts to move around.
A curious kid will fidget, wiggle, twist, and shift. They would do anything but stay still, and you cannot stop them from doing that. Therefore, use a bath rug as a necessary precaution to curb any trouble. It provides grip to the tub and keeps your baby in place, preventing sliding as you wash them down.

What To Look For When Choosing The Right Baby Bathmat?

There is a huge range of bath products out in the market. It is natural to feel flustered when you cannot decide which is the right one for your bundle of joy. So, here are a few things to consider when looking for the right rug:

BPA-Free Material: The most important thing to consider is the material. There is a huge market for this product wherein a plethora of options made from different materials attract your eyeballs. No matter what material you choose, a rubber made or microfiber bathmat, ensure it doesn’t contain bisphenol A, commonly known as BPA, a degenerative chemical compound used in many products. Another thing you want to make sure is that it is allergen-free. This means the product doesn’t contain common allergens that can cause your baby a skin reaction or allergy.

Non-Skid: Non-skid bathmats should be your first choice so that it keeps you and your tot safe in the bathroom.

Design: When it comes to design, there are a few things that one must keep in mind such as the shape, style, and bath surface.

Knowing your bathing area and what it is made of will help you make the right choice. As some mats are designed for just smooth surfaces, others are good for rugged ones. A little bit of investigation will empower you to make the choice that will provide you and the kid full safety.

When it comes to style, remember that you are doing this for your kid. So, keep in mind what they love and buy a cute bathmat that will make their bathing experience joyful.

The shape is another aspect of the design of the rug you must look for. It comes in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a classic variety, you can choose a shape that will provide full coverage of the bathing surface. Otherwise, you can pick a shape that is appealing to your baby.

Grip: Suction cups beneath the bathmat ensures a firm grip to the surface. The more the cups, the better the strength. Avoid buying suction cup free bathmats. They may not provide the best protection in the case of a toddler, who is just learning to walk.

Maintenance: By placing a bath rug, you might be able to protect your kid from falling in the tub, but what about their health? Since the bathroom is the area that is mostly moist and damp, it is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Choose mold-resistant bathmats that are easy to clean and keep bathing area infection-free.

Texture: The skin of your baby is tender; therefore, ensure that the texture of the bathing mat is gentle to the skin of your little one. Microfiber or cotton bathmats are the best idea when it comes to providing a comfortable experience to the kid.

Length: Make sure that the length of the mat is long enough to fit the bathing surface, whether it’s a bathtub or shower. An appropriate length that provides wide coverage will ensure greater safety and protection.

More Reasons to Buy a Toddler Bathmat

You might be surprised to know that buying a super absorbent bathmat can save extra money. By placing a rug inside the big bathtub, you can let your baby play and bathe without a worry in the world. They won’t skid or slip and will have more space to play. With a carefully chosen rug, you will not feel the need to buy a small tub.

The best part is that there is a huge variety to explore. You can use unique bathmats to give your washroom interiors an instant upgrade and make it look more vibrant and interesting.

The Takeaway

Bathing time is a special moment and such moments strengthen the bond between the mother and her bundle of joy. However, safety is of paramount importance, especially in the bathroom, which is commonplace for accidents. Bathing mats are essential among other bathing gears because they can provide a great amount of protection.

Therefore, it is imperative that parents do not overlook this aspect and take time to invest in buying the perfect rug that is safe, child-friendly, and attractive for your kid. With this brief buying guide and the top ten list of Toddler Bath Mats listed above, you are ready to make the right choice. Remember, safety and functionality should be your priority.