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Best Travel Sofa Buying Guide & Reviews of 2020

One can agree that there is nothing compared to the feeling of couching on your sofa after a long day’s work. Whenever you visualize your home, the sofa will always have a place in the visualization. The modern-day sofas have come a long way where they offer you the same level of comfort on the go with their portability. Read on further to get to know the important things before you buy yourself a travel sofa.


Standard Travel Sofa

This type of sofas can accommodate the seating of three to four people. They generally come in a size of 72 to 84 inches. They are ideal if you travel with your family or friends.

Loveseat Travel Sofa

Designed especially for a couples getaway. Their size ranges from 48 to 72 inches comfortably accommodating the seating of two.

Bed Travel Sofa

Well, this one serves a dual purpose where you can even use it as a bed too. The travel sofa bed comes with more cushion and depth so that you can lie comfortably. It is comparatively larger in size than its counterparts.

Based on the size, the travel sofas can be classified as twin size, full size, and queen-sized travel sofas.

Things You Need To Consider Before Making Your Mind to Buy One

Foam Density

The foam density decides the comfort level of the travel sofa. The foam should be very dense and soft. The travel sofas generally come with poly-wrapped foams or memory foams.


Since these sofas are predominantly used for travel purposes, they should be able to handle a sufficient amount of rough handling. They should be able to withstand wear and tear. Some travel sofas also come with water and fire resistance features that can be quite handy during camping trips.


It should be lightweight so that you can easily carry them along with you anywhere. Opt for a sofa that you can carry single-handedly without depending on others. The inflatable travel sofa, also known as travel air sofa, is filled with air instead of foam that makes them very lightweight. However, they don't offer the same level of comfort as the foam sofas.

Folding Mechanism

Most travel sofas come with a folding mechanism that allows you to fold and carry/store them separately whenever they are not in use. They come in tri-fold or bi-fold mechanism. However, you should also make sure that the foldable hinges are not in the middle of the sofa which would make you feel uncomfortable when lying on them.


The handles enable easy handling of the sofas and allow you to carry them without folding the sofas. The portable travel sofas typically come with 1 or 2 handles.

Visual Appearance

The travel sofas come in an array of colors and designs. Feel free to choose your favorite color with a design that is appealing to your eyes.

Pull-Out Bed

Some travel sofas come with an additional bed that can be pulled out of the sofa as and when required. However, the additional bed would increase the overall weight of the sofa and would limit its portability.

Washable Cover

The cover used for the travel sofa should be removable as it has to be washed now and then. The cover should be machine-washable.


Their price ranges from $230 to $400 depending upon the size and the features. Don't compromise your comfort with the motive of reducing your budget.


The travel sofas enable you to carry them anywhere without compromising the comfort they offer. Whether you are having a sleepover at your friend’s place or going on a camping trip, be sure to take your travel sofa with you. If you have not got yourself a travel sofa, you can get one right away from the top ten travel sofas of the year mentioned above.