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Best 30 Qt Rotomolded Cooler Buying Guide & Reviews of 2020

A cooler is always essential to maintain ice in its original form and for other cold stuff to maintain its temperature. Of course, not all the coolers are efficient to offer such a result for more than one day. That is the reason people mostly prefer rotomolded coolers. These insulated coolers will keep ice for a long time from melting. Of course, there are different types of coolers, and you may fall for the wrong one. For purchasing the best-rotomolded cooler that works for a long time, spend a short time here.

Types Of 30 QT Rotomolded Coolers

Rolling 30 QT Rotomolded Coolers

Whenever you are going for a family picnic, we generally witness the quarrel among our kids for carrying the cooler. With the rolling 30 QT rotomolded coolers, you can be free from this worry. Even though 30 QT is not a commendable size, rolling the coolers might prove to be a fun experience for your kids.

Hand-Held 30 QT Rotomolded Coolers

The hand-held 30 QT rotomolded coolers come with sturdy and grippy handles to compensate for the absence of rollers. As the size is not colossal, the absence of wheels won't prove to be a significant downfall. Moreover, different brands deploy different materials and techniques to comfort your hands while carrying the cooler.

Things To Consider While Buying a 30 QT Rotomolded Cooler


Once you have decided on the size, you have to check the insulation thickness and the material used for it. Some have 2-inch insulation, but the most preferable and popular is 3-inch thickness. It can give a heavy-duty strength as well. Coming to the material, the most used one is polyurethane foam, and this commercial-grade insulation can provide maximum protection and cooling.


A high quality 30qt rotomolded cooler can maximum keep the ice for five days, and cold drinks for three days. At the same time, it is very much dependent on your usage. If you frequently open the lid, ice cannot last long in the cooler. So, the usage plays a vital role in its performance, although it should have the capacity to keep ice for at least one day.

Lid and Latch

Both lid and latch are highly important. A loose lid and easily breakable lock may seize the functioning and a lot of stuff filled in 30 qt rotomolded cooler will be spoiled. So, a freezer style tight lid is essential, and it will be better if it has an airtight EVA gasket around it. For the lid, aluminum is the best material, and most of the coolers have T-shaped heavy-duty latches.


After everything is filled in the cooler, it will be heavy, but an empty one should be lightweight. If it comes with a strong handle on the top, it will be more convenient to carry. A wheeled rotomolded cooler is much more efficient than any other type when it comes to portability.

Inside Compartments

There should be two compartments inside, one for ice and the other for varied stuff. As per your requirement, you can decide the ratio between them, and it can be 1:1 or 2:1 respectively.

Additional Features

Slot for bottles on the corners of a rotomolded cooler is beneficial while you’re camping somewhere, and a built-in bottle opener makes things easier.


A basic 30 qt rotomolded cooler worth less than $100, at the same time, if you want a more durable and highly functional one you have to spend around $200. It’s better to go with one which is more durable if it has at least a one-year warranty.


We can boil anything at any time even if we don’t have enough equipment but keeping ice from melting only possible if you keep it in a cooler. A rotomolded cooler doesn’t need power, and its materials and mechanism itself offer the capacity to keep the ice from melting. You have to get a flawless one, and this guide and the list of top ten 30 qt Rotomolded Cooler will help you to find the perfect one.