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Best Craftsman Lunch Box Buying Guide & Reviews of 2020

Healthy and happy living is what everyone wishes for! Though there are ample options to have fresh food outdoors, homemade food stands apart, be it in taste or personal well being. Now, have the comfort of consuming healthy and fresh food with the craftsman lunch box, which comes with a unique feature of thermal insulation which keeps your food hot or cold. Not just this, it comes with many more facets which would appeal you to purchase it right after a glance.

What’s Unique?

Craftsman is known for making reliable and comfortable bags of which this lunch box variant is an epitome of its quality. Its dark colour prevents any tough stains, and its sleek design makes it portable. It is foldable to fit in anywhere and also freezable. What’s even alluring is its affordable price range when compared to Husky and MIER lunch boxes which are high-priced at about $32 to $34 online.

Front Zipper Pouch System

Craftsman insulated lunch bag allows optimum storage possibilities with this front pouch system which no other lunch box provides you.

Double Zipper System

Craftsman professional lunch box as the name suggests is suitable for all professional purposes as it has a double zipper system that helps in keeping the cooler sealed despite circumstances.

Shoulder Strap

Its features also include an adjustable shoulder strap, which makes it travel-friendly and makes it feel weightless.


What makes a lunch box more purchase-worthy is its quality and build type. Craftsman as a company, never takes a backseat when it comes to built quality. Made of stainless steel Craftsman lunch box always stands out in the market. The bag is made of polyester and is water resistant.

Additional Insulated Bottle

The lunch bag has an additional pouch for its insulated bottle which can be tucked right away to keep your drinks cool even in a hot environment.

BPA Free

With plastic carrying its own disadvantages, BPA content is of higher concern these days as it is proven hazardous. Both the lunch box and bottle of Craftsman are BPA and lead-free assuring maximum quality.


Craftsman lunch boxes come with a minimum capacity of 9.5 litres and are leak-free. It is sturdy outside but soft in the interior.

Storage Options

The bag has extra storage options for your necessities like mobile phones, tablets,keys,medicines and many more.


Having a thick layer of extra foam, it stores the food hot or cold for a minimum of 8 hours.

A Now or Never Deal

With excellent ratings and reviews online, Craftsman lunch box is hot selling and is apt for your food storage. If you are that person who carries every essential with you, then Craftsman lunch bag has it all. Not just for professional purposes, the craftsman lunch box can be used for any outdoor excursions,camping trips or family outings. If you are looking for a perfect gift for your loved ones, nothing matches better than this in surprising them! Hurry up! Save your time and buy it online now before the stock ends. Now, savor the richness of homemade food with just a click.