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Best Electric Skate Buying Guide & Reviews of 2020

The popularity of skating and advanced skates has been increasing in recent years. From normal skateboards, we have reached to electric skateboards and electric hovershoes. There are different types of skates, and this guide is not focusing on a particular type of electric skate but will provide a general guide to purchase one. Let us see each type of skates and specifications first.


1. Electric Skateboard

This is the most popular item among other skating products, and the non-electric skateboard has now largely replaced by the electric one.

Before choosing a high performing electric skateboard, check out these factors.

Remote Control

Even though the latest technology brings remote-less skateboards, a remote controller is highly beneficial. You can control the speed, acceleration, and break without any complication.


The deck is mostly made of wood, especially bamboo. It should be hard and flexible at the same time. Sometimes you have to jump while traveling on the board, and flexibility will give you more balance.


Length is considerable for convenient traveling as well as for portability. If the size is small, you can clip it with your luggage while traveling. It also helps if you’re walking to carry with your hands. At the same time, the length of the board should be sufficient to keep your feet as you wish. If you’re a beginner, a shorter one will be difficult since you can’t get balanced on the board easily.


Style definitely matters and to flaunt your dashing style quotient, try varied shapes and colors to steal the show. Electric skateboards come with colorful lights too and they add glittering beauty to the skateboard.

2. Electric scooter

This is actually a handled cousin of the skateboard. If you are not a regular skater or just a beginner, this is perfect since the handle gives you more protection and balance.

Things to Check Before Purchasing An Electric Scooter

The Deck

For a 2-in-1 electric scooter and mini bike, the width is better to be a bit more that allows placing both the feet parallel. There is no need to be very flexible as much of a skateboard.

The Handle

The handle should be simultaneously flexible and strong. Also, it is better to match your height too.

The Display

Check if the electric scooter has a screen that shows the battery life and speed. If it doesn’t have a screen at least there should be a system to show the battery life.

3. Hovershoes

Hovershoes is the latest item in this field. It is one wheeled. To get the maximum experience, you have to ride it on a very smooth floor. Even though it provides maximum balance, check if you can try it since it doesn’t have enough space compared to other skates. Also, check the surface of the base. It should provide maximum grip for your feet.

4. Hoverboards

Hoverboards provides a much better-advanced skating experience. Check the base is sufficient for your feet to keep. Fenders for both wheels are very important for a hoverboard.

General Features To Consider Before Buying An Electric Skate

Speed and Acceleration

High speed is not a necessity if you’re a beginner otherwise speed is an essential factor. Also, the acceleration rate should be better if you’re looking for a nice skateboard.

Battery Life

You will get all the equipment for charging your skate. It is suggested to choose the chargers you get along with the skate. The charging should be fast and give maximum longevity. Getting the notification of the capacity dropping is also important. It could be notified through your phone or remote.


Water can damage the deck, metal nuts, and above all, its electric components. Considering this issue, an Electric Skate must be water-resistant. Some manufacturers use the plastic deck to avoid delamination and keep the battery inside the board.


A minimal skating product will cost more than $100 for sure. So, buying a product with less durability is a huge loss of money. In many cases, you can get a warranty. Check the warranty and its condition before purchase.


This is not an essential feature for roller skate shoes and electric heel wheels since they are comparably quite smaller than other products. For the products which have board, it should be lightweight to be comfortable enough to carry.


The price varies depending on the product types, features, and advanced technology. Generally, any electric skate with necessary features come between $200 and $500. A wheeled skateboard is very expensive compared to other types.


If you are a skate lover, you can choose a skate product that satisfies all your needs. It’s not a rare case; many brands produce different skates. The only thing is to find one with your desired features. Thus, we have curated the top 10 electric skates to help you, and of course, this buying guide will lead you to better shopping.