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Best Japanese Flatware Buying Guide & Reviews of 2019

Are you tired of using the same old, low-quality cutlery every day? Are you exhausted with your flatware getting corroded after a few uses? Then, a good quality, stainless flatware is all that you’re searching for, and your search has brought you to the right place! This buying guide illustrates the Japanese flatware that’s not just durable but also forever lustrous.

While there are many types of flatware in the market, Japanese flatware is different not just in quality but also in its outlook. Before you head out to buy your set, keep a note of the important things that you need to consider.


Salad Forks: Salad forks are made of either wood or stainless steel. The wooden forks are sturdy, eco-friendly, and easy to clean. The stainless steel forks are elegant with a highly polished coating to give a glossy finish. You might have to stay away from stainless steel forks if you have quivery hands as they are easily prone to damage.

Steak Knives: Expertly crafted from finest steel in Japan, a steak is for effortless chopping, mincing, and dicing. Combining the western design with Japanese technology, a steak knife is more agile than a normal knife. The Japanese steak knife is protected with 66 layers of high carbon binding to offer resistance to corrosion.

Dinner Forks: Many of us face the problem of our noodles sliding off the fork we use. It’s time to replace your conventional forks with the newly launched Japanese stainless steel noodle forks which have ridged tines to enable enough grip to noodle-like dishes we eat.

Dinner Spoons: Japanese flatware is more relished for the different types of spoons it offers. Coming in both wood and stainless steel, they are a perfect match to your dining table.


They are made solely of wood or stainless steel or a combination of different alloys. New wooden flatwares are not to be used against boiled or hot water as the heat would destroy the log structure and shorten their life span. The stainless steel is mixed with other metals like nickel, carbon, chromium to offer glossy look and resistance to corrosion. While wooden flatwares are ideal for everyday use, stainless steel flatwares are preferred for high profile events due to their elegant design.


Being FDA approved, Japanese flatware stands up to the rigors of heavy use. Had a bad day at work and expressing your frustration through utensils while cooking? The Japanese flatware can take up a few blows. They are coated with additional layers of carbon to provide resistance against corrosion as well.


The flatware made of wood are light-weight and can be rough-handled, while the flatware made from different alloys such as stainless steel, cobalt, and Nickel pack a few pounds. You have to exhibit caution while handling these as it is easy to drop them due to their heavyweight.


If you are also concerned about its design varieties, this flatware comes in a myriad of designs, mostly nature-inspired and has been gathering popularity these days. The flatware looks perfect both on your supper table and any formal dinner event.


The cost of Japanese flatware set ranges from $10 to $300.


The type of warranty and the warranty period differ from brand to brand. Certain brands offer limited warranty and free sharpening while other brands offer warranty only against manufacturer defects.


For all those who are fond of Japanese eating culture, their flatware is a must in the kitchen. Complete your dinner palette by choosing an elegant and long-lasting Japanese flatware from the top ten Japanese flatwares mentioned above.