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Best Lacrosse Goalkeeper Gloves Buying Guide & Reviews of 2020

If you are a regular lacrosse player, you know how dense the ball you play with is and the kind of damage it can do to a goalkeeper. A lacrosse goalie needs the best protection to his hands to sustain when it's banged vigorously. Moreover, the thumb being the most fragile part of a hand is more prone to injuries than any other limb. To evade any untoward repercussion, a well-shielded flexible glove with a thumb fixed guard is all that a lacrosse goalkeeper calls for.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Lacrosse Goalie Hand Gloves

As you know, Lacrosse essentially has four versions, While field lacrosse(outdoor), box lacrosse(indoor), women’s lacrosse and intercross, that differ both in rules and the required equipment. But, the hand gloves are mandatory for the goalies for all these variants of lacrosse to ensure enough mobility and defence. No matter the kind of Lacrosse you play, you need to look out for certain features before purchasing a pair.

The Padding:

Many lacrosse goalie gloves have a similar outlook, yet they differ in terms of grip. Almost all the goalie gloves are made of suede with a mesh for breathability, but some of them have targeted padding at the knuckle and finger joints area to provide additional protection on the field. Padding can be a hindrance to many as it reduces the grip. As an alternative, gel padded goalie gloves can give you the extra mobility.Stx shield Lacrosse Goalie Gloves have the required gel padding in the key areas and are available just for $100.

The Sizing:

The most essential yet the highly neglected feature by many lacrosse goalies is the sizing. Small, tool and huge are the three sizes of lacrosse goalie gloves defined by the manufacturers with sizes being 13,12 and 10 inches.

Whatever the size you select, ensure that they fit well and you can comfortably curl your fingers. The padding and other segments must be at the place when you try out a glove.


Before investing so much, look for the material of the gloves. Poorly made gloves show significant wear and tear just after a single use. It is suggested to prefer high-end models like Reebok M4 lacrosse gloves, which are hand-made synthetic gloves, meant for extensive use and ensure longevity and mobility.


The more your hands' sweat, more is the weight of the glove. Proper ventilation can enhance the longevity of gloves and also gives you the required grip to hold the lacrosse stick. While some aerate through the mesh, some brands provide ventilation at the sides of the fingers which are best for your hands. Under Armour lacrosse goalie gloves costing $229 are one such newly launched gloves known for best ventilation and quality.

To conclude, the right pair of gloves does not just add security but also boosts your overall confidence and improves your efficiency on the field. Consider all the attributes mentioned above and refine your search to stay safe in the play.