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Best Nike Golf Shoes Buying Guide & Reviews of 2020

Being a golfer you know very well that this game requires a great amount of concentration and precision. With lots of focus and practice, you might become a good player, but do you know that golf shoes are of utmost importance to your performance? No matter how neat your shots are, wrong shoes can negatively impact your performance in the game.

People often overlook this aspect of their gear, but not anymore. Though there are multiple options in the market, Nike golf shoes are all you need to put forth your best performance. They provide terrific comfort, exceptional traction, and keeps your feet well ventilated throughout the day.

Why Choose Nike Golf Shoes?

Latest Technology

There are indeed several reputed brands in the market to choose from, but what makes Nike the top of the line label is the use of latest technology and design to create men and women’s Nike golf shoes. It allows you to challenge yourself in the field and show off your signature moves at the golf course without compromising on comfort and style.

Extra Support and Comfort

Foam soles include encapsulated air cushioning to provide additional support to the foot and shock absorption ability when needed. It makes walking on the golf course easy.

Integrated Traction Patterns

To hit the ball, golfers must swing the club which may lead to sliding of the foot. However, well-built footwear can prevent it. The technology used in designing these shoes is among the best to prevent sliding as you exert pressure downwards. Integrated traction patterns provide feet firm and multidirectional grip on the ground, so all you can focus on is your swing.


What makes these shoes so popular and desirable is the material it is built with. A gorgeous blend of synthetic material and leather provides the perfect fit and excellent performance. Synthetic allows breathability and the sophistication of high-quality leather. Made of synthetic leather, their sports footwear always stands out in the market merging functionality with art and style.


These shoes are built with water resistance membranes that help you keep your feet dry on the golf course and absorb the moisture transferred on the shoes from the grass. Usually, a golfer spends long hours on the golf course; therefore, it is important to buy shoes that allow good ventilation and keep the health of your feet in check.


When it comes to Nike, you will never have to compromise on style. Each collection is a contemporary take on the classic styles blended with modern crisp details.

Price range

Nike is undoubtedly a premium brand when it comes to sportswear. But there is something for everyone. Therefore, their golf shoes come with a wide price range, starting from $80 to $375.


There is no doubt that it is an expensive purchase. But be assured, these shoes are durable and will last you long. It is better than buying a new shoe time and again.


The brand is known to offer an impressive range to meet the demands of all kinds of golfers. Whether you are just starting your golfing career, or you are a professional level athlete, there are a plethora of options to choose from.

Traditional Golf Shoes: These are a classic variety of course shoes that come with spikes and cleats. They are also known as spiked golf shoes. For a very long time, golfers have used spiked footwear to enhance their performance on the ground because it offers excellent comfort, breathability, water-resistance, and traction. The modern technology used by the sports brand has allowed them to develop spiked shoes that are both lightweight and offer great stability required at the field. Women and men, Nike golf shoes with spikes start from $90.

Spikeless Golf Shoes: This is the recent development in the golf gear. These are designed for extra comfort and style demanded by the pros on the field. Inspired by street-style shoes, these shoes are for everyone, from amateur players to serious ones. It redefines performance and style on and off the course. Some of the bestsellers are Nike Air Max, Roshe G, Air Zoom Victory, and Vapor. The range starts from $80.
Spike and spikeless shoes, both are available in abundance. But deciding which one is right for you is all about personal preference. In terms of traction, both provide the same amount of traction in the field. What makes spikeless more attractive is its lightweight construction and flexible soles. They are versatile and functional to wear at the game and at work. With spikeless shoes, you do not have to worry about carrying out an extra pair for your game after work.

Customized Shoes: Want to stand out on the course and get an remarkable experience, custom Nike golf shoes are your best bet then. Create your shoes, each with a unique color and design in minutes. Using their canvas and tools, you can get something that truly belongs to you. Please note that customized shoes start at $300.

Tiger Woods Collection: Inspired by the legendary golf player Tiger Woods, the brand first introduced TW Nike golf shoes and clothing collection in the year 1996. Ever since the iconic athlete has been associated with the company, they have launched some of the most excellent golf equipment and gear. It is the premium most collection for the pros offering a unique experience to the players. This collection is inspired by the apparel and shoes worn in PGA tour and other major championship by Tiger Woods himself. Every year there is a new collection with a different price range.

Final Words

We are no stranger to Nike’s popularity. It is one of the best sportswear and shoe brands worldwide. Moreover, it has repeatedly been listed as the most valuable sports and apparel brand in the world. Their sportswear is designed to outperform while enjoying maximum comfort and traction. Footwork plays a vital role in this game. With Nike golf shoes, put your best foot forward and take your experience several notches higher.